"Yellowstone" actor Kelly Reilly thinks the series finale will "probably be beautiful and epic" but "not sure it will be happy."

Kelly Reilly feels "Yellowstone" will end bittersweetly. In a recent behind-the-scenes clip, the British actor, who has played Beth Dutton since 2018, predicted the show's ending. 

"The main theme of protecting and sustaining this way of life in this land is the bottom of everything," Reilly stated in a Blu-ray and DVD featurette for "Yellowstone" season five, part one. "So I don't know which way it's going, but we're in season five, and who knows what's in store."

She remarked of the show's ending, "Thought it will probably be beautiful and epic, I'm not sure it will be happy." Before the SAG-AFTRA strike and season five's cancellation, the interview was done.

Reilly stressed that she doesn't "have any insight into what's going to happen."

The actor claimed cocreator and showrunner Taylor Sheridan's refusal to reveal storyline information makes working on the show "fascinating."

"We're all sort of beholden to the storyteller's vision and we serve the story," she remarked. Who knows? That excites me as a performer."

After season five's midseason finale, Costner, who plays aging cattle rancher John Dutton, discussed the storylines.

Costner said John's choice to run for governor of Montana "provides a little bit of drama" that will continue in future episodes.


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