World’s hottest athlete Alica Schmidt shows off incredible six-pack as fans say she should be ‘arrested’

ALICA SCHMIDT's latest training photos impressed admirers.

The German runner has amassed a massive social media following.

She not only competes for her country, but she also models her own clothing line for Hugo Boss.

Schmidt shared four images on social media during a rigorous training session.

For the first photo, the 24-year-old posed on the track in her Hugo Boss outfit, smiling.

In the second video, she displayed her great abs while lying down. In the third and fourth, she stuck her tongue out while taking selfies.

Schmidt described her post as "my happy place." Her four million followers adored it, with her images earning 150,000 likes in a single day.

She also received a lot of positive feedback. As one fan put it, "the best way to define perfection is you."


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