Will Smith on Spielberg's helicopter surprise for 'Men in Black'

Will Smith recently revealed how Steven Spielberg encouraged him to take on the role of Men in Black.

Will Smith spoke on Kevin Hart's Hart to Heart show, where he discussed his most memorable film performances.

Smith credited producer James Lassiter, referring to him as a "arbiter of taste" since Lassiter persuaded him to work on ten highly successful films during his peak.

He said that it was James Lassiter who persuaded him to do Pursuit of Happiness and Ali, despite his desire to not act in either. 

According to Entertainment Weekly, both Pursuit of Happiness and Ali are critically acclaimed films that earned him Best Actor Oscar nominations. 

He also shared an intriguing story about first refusing to do Men in Black but subsequently being cast in it. 

Responding to Hart's inquiry on how the actor changed his mind. Will Smith stated, "Steven Spielberg sent a helicopter for me."

He said, "Spielberg said the coldest shit to me while asking why Smith didn't want to see Spielberg's movie."


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