White Nail Polish Is Always in Style—Here Are the 4 Best in the World


One thing is constant: White nail paint is everlasting. It's been a nail polish colour that's almost too good to be true for decades.  

It fits year-round (that Labor Day rule is archaic), is suited for every event, and looks excellent on everyone. 

If you think white nails are too plain, flat, or excessive, you may not have discovered the proper white polish finish. 

Lizzo, Rihanna, Victoria Beckham, and many more celebs love their white nails. 

Classic white is gorgeous. This bright, sharp color is great for negative-space nail art or opaque varnish. 

ESSIE This bright white polish is about to become your go-to.

CHINA GLAZING This dazzling white paint contains nail hardeners to prevent your claws from breaking.

SUNDAYS This cheeky polish not only delivers ultra-white bliss, but the bottle also looks lovely on the vanity.

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