Which Zodiac Signs Have the Most Serial Killers?

True crime is a popular topic, and one website is using astrology to predict where mass murders will occur.

Astrology Zodiac Signs studied the astrological signs of over 500 serial killers to determine which zodiac signs have the most killers. 

They discovered that Cancer, Pisces, Sagittarius, and Scorio accounted for over 40% of serial killers in their study. 

Gemini and Taurus account for only 11% of serial killers, which is useful to know if your friends are born under those signs.

Capricorns have the most victims overall and on average, whereas Cancer boasts the deadliest serial murderer, Samuel Little, and his 93 victims.

The most popular Pisces on NBC10 Boston Rob Michaelson spoke with their top astrologer to learn what characteristics 

hese signs may have that make them more violent. He also went undercover to find out what astrological signs his employees were and

whether they had the potential to be serial killers. His thorough plunge into astrology compels him

to confront himself, his toddler, and their astrological fates.


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