When might Jokic become the first player to earn $400 million?


The NBA is enjoying one of its finest eras. It has become the world's most watched sporting event and the dominant championship, bringing in $8 billion annually.

The sheer magnitude of the data is mind-boggling. As a comparison, the Indian Premier League pays its cricketers $5.30 million, 

the Major League Baseball pays its players $4.03 million, and the British Premier League pays its players $3.97 million annually. 

And with an average franchise value of about $3,000,000,000, with the Golden State Warriors increasing to approximately $7,000,000,000, for example.

Due in large part to the 10-year, $24 billion television deal signed with Disney (ESPN and ACB) and Turner (TNT) in 2015 (and which no one wants to break),

the league was able to quickly and amicably sign a new agreement with benefits for the renewal of the contracts of veteran players and winners at the end of the season.

Jaylen Brown is one of the fortunate individuals. The forward this week became the first player in NBA history to sign a contract worth more than $300 million ($304m)

over the course of five years when he signed a supermax extension with the Boston Celtics, a 34-million-dollar increase over Nikola Jokic's contract with the Denver Nuggets,

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