When Aaron Rodgers took a $33.7 million pay cut, what does that tell us?

Aaron Rodgers, quarterback for the Jets, is reducing his salary by $33.7 million. The new two-year, $75 million guaranteed contract that the former Cal standout

agreed to this week can be seen in two ways. (The remaining guaranteed portion of his prior contract, signed while he was with the Packers, was roughly $110 million.)

He is using the same playbook that Tom Brady successfully employed to win seven Super Bowls in a row. Although he is widely regarded as the game's greatest

quarterback, Brady was never the highest-paid player in the NFL. In fact, he frequently restructured his deal to take less money so that his team could afford to

sign key free agents who would improve their chances of winning. The Jets' capacity to do so has increased slightly.

According to reports, free agent running back Dalvin Cook will be visiting the Jets this week, and he has been cited as saying that the chances are "pretty high" that he will sign with the Jets.

That's exactly right, A-Rod. Cook was quoted on NFL.com as saying, "I think they're building something special over there," describing the situation as "unique."

A great quarterback is someone you want to be around because you can learn so much from being in his presence. For the fourth time, A-Rod has been named MVP. 


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