Wander Franco on His Relationship With 14-Year-Old: “They Say That I'm In Public With A Little Girl”

Wander Franco, a shortstop with the Tampa Bay Rays, has addressed the latest charges that he had an inappropriate relationship with a youngster on social media.

On Monday, the Rays put Franco on the restricted list and MLB opened an inquiry into the allegations against him. 

However, the footballer has disputed them emphatically, posting a live video to Instagram on Sunday in which he discredits the reports. 

The clip was shared on Twitter by Tampa Bay radio host Jay Retcher, who also provided a translation of what Franco said.

"They say that I'm in public with a little girl, that I'm running around with a minor," the shortstop was reported as saying.

No one knows how to spend their time. They are completely uninformed. That's why I like to keep to myself and stay out of other people's business.

On Sunday, Tampa Bay Lightning played the Cleveland Guardians, but Franco did not suit up. 

And Kevin Cash, the manager, explained his absence from the press conference by saying he took the day off.

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