Travis Scott's attorney finds the timing of the Houston police report suspicious.


The Astroworld disaster report was issued by the Houston Police Department on the same day Travis Scott was arrested. 

His highly awaited Utopia record was released, prompting his lawyer to question the neutrality of the authorities.

Kent Schaffer delivered a comment on Saturday, July 29, after the report was made public on Friday, July 28.

"The timing of Travis Scott's highly anticipated album is far from coincidental," the lawyer told TMZ.

"Travis Scott and his crew were, as expected, completely absolved of any misconduct in connection wit

Based on the report released today, a grand jury will investigate the Astroworld disaster," he concluded.

"It is outrageous that HPD has chosen to use tactics to discredit Travis and his team."

 throwing doubt on how the sad events at Astroworld occurred while avoiding responsibility for their own crucial mistakes."

Kanye West is unbanned from Twitter just hours after he was suspended again.

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