Tom Cruise wants to rekindle his affair with Sofia Vergara after their divorce.

Tom Cruise is apparently considering rekindling his affair with Sofia Vergara, who just divorced her husband, Joe Manganiello.

According to a source close to the actor, "They do have that history already, even if it was more of a brief dalliance than a fully-fledged romance."

Top Gun star and America's Got Talent judge dated for a few months in 2005. They split up because Tom selected Katie Holmes at the time, married her in 2006, and divorced in 2012.

According to the insider, "it's always eaten away at Tom that he dumped Sofia and chose Katie."

According to the insider, "they had a special time together partying in the Hollywood hills and having a blast."

"Sofia wasn't really giving out signals back then that she wanted anything long-term, 

so it petered out in a totally amicable fashion and they remained friends," the insider explained.

According to the insider, the Mission: Impossible actor thought he and Sofia would be the "newest Hollywood power couple."


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