The Rose Bowl's Future Was Already Settled Upon.


Everyone is naturally concerned about the Rose Bowl's future, given the Pac-12's impending demise, with USC, UCLA, Oregon, and Washington all relocating to the Big Ten.

However, the Rose Bowl's fate had already been decided. The last Big Ten-Pac-12 game for an automatic Rose Bowl berth has previously taken place.

 The Rose Bowl will be absorbed into the 12-team College Football Playoff in the future.

"The Rose Bowl is a semifinal this year, and it will be incorporated into the 12-team playoff structure beginning in 2024." "The last autobid Pac-12/Big Ten Rose Bowl happened already," Reddit CFB tweeted.

However, it is reasonable to speculate that the Rose Bowl could become the permanent home of the Big Ten Championship Game.

That seemed improbable, given the Big Ten's desire to maintain a presence in the Midwest.

However, the Rose Bowl could become a rotational venue for the Big Ten championship game.

What do you want to see happen to the Rose Bowl now that league realignment has taken control of the game?

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