The Most Christopher Nolan Moment in Any Film

Christopher Nolan praising himself on the back? Maybe. Is that bad? Not at all.

Tenet is a cool, bombastic, head-scratcher that feels like self-parody for Christopher Nolan.

Tenet has a revolutionary battle scene at Oslo Airport that is a Christopher Nolan moment despite its shortcomings.

 The moment when the protagonist fights himself back and forth through time is by Christopher Nolan, a legendary filmmaker.

Despite having multiple classics, which one is the most "Christopher Nolan" moment?

The city folding in on itself for the first time in Inception? Close but not sure. 

The enormous twist at the end of Memento, the first of many in his career? 

Still progressing, but we can do better. What about Tenet's admission that the Protagonist (John David Washington) is battling himself in the film's repeating forwards-and-backwards-through-time combat scene? 

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