The Dark Knight Rises' Ending Plot-Hole Finally Destroyed By Nuclear Weapons Expert

According to a nuclear weapons specialist, The Dark Knight Rises' depiction of the nuclear bomb's detonation was remarkably accurate and believable.

 The ending of The Dark Knight Rises not only displays Bruce Wayne's intelligence, but also maintains true to Batman's long-standing character characteristic of being incredibly brilliant.

 The Dark Knight trilogy's popularity can be ascribed to its devotion to anchoring Batman in a realistic setting and displaying his intelligence.

Dark Knight series by filmmaker Christopher Nolan, which treated Batman in a harsh and grounded style.

The trilogy concluded in 2012 with The Dark Knight Rises.

Dark Knight Rises handled its catastrophic climax.

Spriggs' explanation makes the ending of The Dark Knight Rises more plausible

It also honors one of Bruce Wayne's most iconic character traits.

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