Tan Mom Who Went Viral In 2012 For Taking 5-Year-Old to Tanning Salon Now Running for Florida Senate: You Get What You See!

File photograph by AP's Julio Cortez

Patricia Krentcil, who in 2012 was dubbed the "tan mom" when she was arrested for bringing her 5-year-old daughter into a tanning salon,

now wants her name to be as commonly associated with the words "Florida Senator."

Wow, you're right! "Tan Mom" is coming back to challenge the incumbent, the white Senator Rick Scott. 

On Monday, Krentcil officially launched her Republican campaign, 

promising to defend the rights of all constituents while enforcing her pro-LGBTQ+ stance once she assumes office.

The thing with my campaign is that you know everything about me from the start," Krentcil said in an exclusive statement to Fox News Digital.

There are no unpleasant surprises or dirty laundry to air. Because of this recording, you're getting an accurate portrayal of my life. 

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