'Olivia Dunne Of College Swimming' Goes Viral At New York Swim Week

The "Olivia Dunne of college swimming" is steadily expanding her fan base across all of her various social media platforms.

Andreea Dragoi, a swimmer from San Jose State University in California, participated in the walking competition during New York Swim Week this past weekend.

The NCAA swimmer will almost certainly continue to grow her following on social media from this point forward.

According to an article that was published by Outkick,

"She hit the streets of Miami in June with model mom Lucy, showed off her crazy workout skills in advance of the Fourth of July,

and just recently got back from a big vacation in Greece."

"Instead of taking it easy once she returned to the US, the Olivia Dunne of the Pool instead dialed up the intensity to ten throughout the course of the weekend. 

The fact that Andreea is able to walk on water during New York Swim Week is a bold move on her part, and I believe that she pulled it off well.


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