Netflix's record has been broken by The Mother.

With Jennifer Lopez's The Mother, Netflix set a record the previous week. 

Over the movie's first weekend, 83.71 million hours of viewing were recorded by Netflix's Top 10. (The website provides statistics for.  

May 8–14, even though The Mother was released on May 12). That's remarkable and breaks Netflix's 2023 first-weekend record of.

65.92 million viewing hours Luther: February's Fallen Sun opened strong.If you haven't seen the assassin thriller. 

you may wonder if it's excellent. Digital Spy thought the film was decent, albeit a bit silly. 

"Lopez — who rarely gets the acting credit she deserves — is extremely watchable as the resourceful, protective.  

And even brutal (she hits people with a fist wrapped in barbed wire!) heart of the.   

Movie, and her scenes with screen daughter Paez are enjoyably unsentimental, too," our review states. 


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