Kevin Costner's Epic New Western Film Is Already Attempting to Recreate Yellowstone's Greatest Trick

Kevin Costner's highly anticipated new Western film Horizon: An American Saga appears to be heavily influenced by the massively popular series Yellowstone. 

Costner will feature in the final six episodes of the acclaimed Paramount+ show, which will end earlier than expected due to Costner's unexpected exit.

Taylor Sheridan quickly replied to Costner's decision by planning a sequel series to the original Yellowstone tale that will introduce Matthew McConaughey into the

legendary universe of the post-John Dutton franchise.Costner's decision to depart Yellowstone after season 5 is the result of a multitude of behind-the-scenes

challenges, as well as his dedication to his passion project, Horizon: An American Saga. Costner returned to the director's chair for Horizon for the first time since 2004's Open Range,

establishing a clear separation between his involvement with Yellowstone, in which he stars but does not direct, and his future Horizon series. 

However, the overlapping Western motifs and enormous scale of Costner's four-movie Horizon series appear to draw close parallels to Yellowstone's enlarged

universe, implying that Costner took inspiration for Horizon from the successful growth of the Yellowstone franchise.


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