Johnny Depp delights admirers with pictures, signatures, and embraces.


Johnny Depp once again wowed his American fans with a great performance alongside The Hollywood Vampires. 

Despite previously postponing numerous overseas shows, the band, which comprised Johnny Depp and Alice Cooper, 

Joe Perry and Tommy Henriksen played at Boston's Boch Center's Wang Theatre on Friday night. The stadium was packed with 3,500 enthusiastic people.

Johnny Depp entered the backstage area and headed to the barricade, where a mob of enthusiastic fans awaited him. 

He kindly took the time to interact with his devoted followers, taking photographs and signing autographs. 

Autographing and hugging at least 20 of the 60 screaming fans in attendance.

Molly Smith, a 12-year-old from Concord, New Hampshire, was one of those fortunate spectators.

 who couldn't contain her joy after not only taking a selfie with Johnny Depp but also receiving a sweet hug from the actor.

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