Jennifer Aniston seeks comfort from Justin Theroux after father's passing.

Jennifer Aniston's bereaved heart finds consolation and comfort in her ex-husband Justin Theroux following the loss of her father, John Aniston.

The Morning Show star has yet to recover from her father's death and is in continuous

Contact with his close friends and her ex-husband in an attempt to find solace. 

Jennifer frequently contacts and commemorates the birthdays of John's Days of Our Lives co-stars

An effort to recover after losing her father last November 2022 at the age of 89, according to an insider.

In terms of Jennifer's relationship with Justin, with whom she divorced in 2017 following a two-year marriage, 

An insider stated she "is being comforted by Justin Theroux with daily phone calls."

According to her late father's friends, "Jennifer has sent [John's] friends gifts, called them, remembered their birthdays, and been a real sweetie."


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