J.J. Abrams Was Warned About Tom Cruise Before Making Mission: Impossible 3


As with its sequel, "Mission: Impossible 3" is generally considered to be one of the series' worse entries. 

But I’m here to tell you that it’s not as bad as its reputation makes it sound. Good action, Philip Seymour Hoffman's villain is the greatest of the series, 

and the plot lays the groundwork for future films by establishing who Ethan Hunt is and why he does what he does. 

Director J.J. Abrams made his feature film debut with "Mission: Impossible 3," before which he was most recognized for his TV work. No doubt, 

Abrams was nervous to take on such a massive series for his directorial debut. Plus, the director would be working with Tom Cruise, 

a massive movie star whose intensity can be a little daunting. Cruise did more than just star in the film; he also served as producer.

It turns out that before Abrams accepted the job, he was informed that working with Cruise would be a bad idea. 

Oh, Tom Cruise! He's on a mission to rescue cinema, and he runs, so naturally he must have a deep passion for popcorn.

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