"I've never seen anything like it": Economic analyst shocked by Kushner's funding sources

The investments in former President Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner's private equity firm Affinity Partners totaled $3 billion, 

with all but 1% coming from foreign sources after Kushner "spent much of his White House tenure cozying up" to Saudi Arabia and Crown Prince Mohamed bin Salman, 

according to a pie chart shared by economic analyst Steven Rattner on Monday. 

The Saudis put in $2 billion, the UAE and Qatar each put in $200 million, and Kushner's fund is now worth $4 billion. 

The remaining $31 million came from domestic sources in the United States,

while the remaining $625 million came from other countries. A 40-year industry veteran, Rattner told MSNBC that "never seen this" before.

Never before have I heard of someone raising two-thirds of their funding from a single backer. 

In most cases, he noted, a single investor would account for little more than a few percent of the fund. 

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