Information on and personality traits of the American shorthair cat

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Despite being a medium-sized cat, the American Shorthair is highly strong. She has thick boning and a lot of muscle. You can tell she'll be hefty to lift up because of her rounded, thick look.

The American Shorthair cat is strong. This cat should have well-developed parts throughout. She has an expansive chest, a toned neck, powerful jaws, and a well-proportioned muzzle. 

 Her legs are powerful and thick. She appears to be what she was designed to be in the beginning—a cat that would keep rats out of the home and the barn. 

The American Shorthair has a dense, thick coat. During the winter, her coat lengthens and thickens considerably. Her coat has a somewhat rough feel since it is designed to protect her.


American Shorthairs make great pets. She's calm. American cats love their families. The American enjoys playing but doesn't need constant care. She brings her mom a toy when she wants to play. American solos well. Singles enjoy her company.

Living With

The American Shorthair, a muscular cat, needs proper diet. Despite her considerable boning and musculature, the cat should maintain a healthy weight and condition.


American Shorthairs are native shorthaired cats. But this breed was bred from European cats. Before Columbus, American Shorthair cats presumably didn't exist.

American Shorthairs were first bred in 1904. This breed, previously called the Domestic Shorthair, was bred from the British Shorthair.

American Shorthair cats controlled rodents. This cat was developed to be tough, healthy, and powerful for work. Since most of them lived outside, the coat was thickened to keep the cat warm.

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