How to harvest peony seeds and grow fresh plants

Peonies' big, blousy flowers shine in late spring and summer. With one plant, you can create more. 

Division propagates herbaceous peony, whereas stacking propagates tree peonies. 

 Collecting and spreading the seeds under cover might help you develop more of these show-stopping plants with patience.

Why not try it this fall? It's fun and cheap.Keep a few flowerheads to let the seedpods darken and the seeds mature.

According to gardening expert John Negus, they are solid and loose in the seed capsule.

.Cut the seedpods immediately above a healthy set of leaves with sharp, clean pruners when ready to harvest. 

Hand-break each seedpod and gather the huge seeds. Royal Horticultural Society states fertile seeds are black

Put them in a cold frame or similar structure and wait—they might take a year to germinate.

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