Handmade Iron Man 2 Cosplay Is Ready To Fly


An excellent Iron Man 2 cosplay appears to be ready to take flight. When the Iron Man films are rated, 

Robert Downey Jr.'s second solo Marvel Cinematic Universe adventure, Iron Man 2, ranks last. However, 

the film is responsible for what is possibly Tony Stark's most unusual Iron Man armor, which looks fantastic in a fresh hand-made costume.

On Reddit, u/Ironcostumes showed their stunning hand-made Iron Man Mark V armor from the MCU's Iron Man 2.

Tony Stark's suit of armor looks just like it did in Iron Man 2, with the biggest noticeable difference between the movie and cosplay versions being that the

aluminum sections of the hand-made Iron Man armor are secured in place with screws, which stands out.

The fact that the Iron Man 2 cosplay is hand-made is astounding, as most cosplayers 3D print the armor parts.Despite being the worst picture in Tony Stark's trilogy and 

one of the lowest-rated MCU films overall, Iron Man 2 did propose several intriguing ideas that would evolve over time. 

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