Grizzlies linked to blockbuster trade for $73 million sharpshooter

GM Zach Kleiman's trade and free agency moves have lined up the Memphis Grizzlies for another successful season in 2023-24, despite Ja Morant's suspension.

Despite their current circumstances, Knicks Film School believes the front management may be interested in one more specific trade in the near future.

The New York Knicks want to trade Evan Fournier, their $73 million sharpshooter, but Hoops Hype's Micahel Scotto reports that their last multi-team transaction failed.

On the July 24 KFS podcast, contributor Jeremey Cohen suggested to host Jonathan Macri that the Grizzlies could use the remaining $7.4 million 

from the Dillon Brooks TPE acquired in the sign-and-trade with the Houston Rockets to buy out a team's unwanted contract.

While Cohen would go on to pull back on the reigns a bit with the Grizzlies' inclusion, suggesting that “they’ve already got a pretty full roster” and that “they need to consolidate,” Macri

would counter this skepticism by noting that they’ve done similar exchanges in the past—a recent example being the Andre Iguodala deal in 2019—but for draft capital.

Given Evan Fournier's public dislike of the Knicks in a July 17 interview with France's L'Équipe, Memphis may be able to steal at least one of New York's draft rights over the next several seasons out of desperation to move on.


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