Everyone's Joking About Taylor Swift's Super Bowl Choice

All Taylor Swift supporters claim she's bigger than the Super Bowl.

Taylor gets millions from her tour, she doesn't need this. True Queen conduct "fan added.

"The superbowl needs Taylor, she doesn't need them," a fan remarked.

"For those who don't know, Super Bowl halftime performances are unpaid. Selling out stadiums makes her money. 

Taylor Swift: I'm fatigued after my great global tour, so why worry over the Super Bowl.

Fans of Taylor Swift are united in their assessment of the Super Bowl, which is that she is more significant than it.

According to what one supporter had said, "Super Bowl doesn't pay its entertainers but people do it for the fame which she so plainly doesn't need."“We’ve had a lot of stuff hurled at us,” Wiegman added

She is bringing in a lot of money by selling out those stadiums. One of her admirers said, "She's excellent."

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