'Euphoria' cast wishes to honor Angus Cloud after his death.

The entire ensemble of the blockbuster drama series Euphoria apparently wants to do something special to honor their late co-star Angus Cloud.

Cloud's untimely death has thrown a long shadow over the cast members, who have been described as "sad and shell-shocked" by insiders. 

An insider told Entertainment Tonight that the whole cast of HBO's Emmy-winning adolescent drama is leaning on one another for support during this trying time.

"The entire Euphoria cast is heartbroken and stunned by Angus' death." 

"They're leaning on each other and trying to be there for each other as they work through this," an insider added.

There are no official funeral plans for the late actor, according to the site, who adds, 

"The Euphoria cast wants to do something special for Angus to honor him and his life."

The source, however, stated that it is "difficult for them to plan with the SAG strike."


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