Dua Lipa Sued Again Over "Levitating"


The music producer Bosko Kante has launched a lawsuit against the British pop diva Dua Lipa and her record label, Warner Music Group,

alleging that they utilized his work without permission in remixes of her song "Levitating.

This complaint is the third copyright infringement case that has been filed over the same song.

In the complaint that was filed this week in federal court in Los Angeles, it was said that Kante collaborated with Stephen Kozmeniuk,

one of the song's producers, to construct a talk box performance that was going to be utilized on "Levitating" when it was released in March of 2020. The case was filed this week. 

According to the explanation provided in the complaint,

a talk box gives artists the ability to alter the sound of a musical instrument by modifying the frequency of the sound and voices.

Kante is the developer of the $1,300 ElectroSpit Talk Box, which is a neck-worn speak box device.

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