Did you notice the striking resemblance between Jamie and William in Season 7?


In the recent season seven episodes, Outlander fans have seen eerie parallels between Jamie and William. Did you notice? 

Season seven introduced Jamie's secret son, Charles Vandervaart, as an adult. William, a British soldier, fights against Jamie in the American Revolution, but fans have observed similar character traits.

One fan submitted a footage from season one of Jamie bowing to Claire and saying, 'Your servant, Madam,' followed by a clip of William replicating the identical moment he meets Claire in episode six. 

"Like father, like son," they captioned the photo, and followers quickly responded: "I didn't even notice that.

" Wow! Fantastic!" Another fan said, "We knew William was Jamie's kid 100% the moment he curtsied Claire Fraser with a "Your servant, madam" That was a perfect scene, I miss #Outlander this week!" 

Outlander's official account on X, formerly Twitter, shared side-by-side photos of William and Jamie shouting while going into combat, adding, "This is all the DNA test I need to know William is Jamie's son." 

Another reader mentioned a moment from earlier in the season where Jamie is wounded on a mission and loses his horse in the marsh, forcing him to walk to find help.

 "Both overwhelmed by pain.. alone in the wilderness!" they captioned a photo of Jamie being bitten by a snake. "Wow, Bridget! Good find. Invincible Frasers."

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