Cowboys’ 5-foot-5 rookie Deuce Vaughn goes viral in training camp videos

Cowboys training camp has had several viral moments. 

At their Oxnard, Calif., facility, the club is preparing for the 2023 NFL season. Videos of 5-foot-5 rookie running back Deuce Vaughn have been posted on social media.

CBS reported that Vaughn, the NFL Combine's shortest player since 2003, practiced with his teammates, who towered above him.

In a pre-draft assessment, an AFC regional scout said, “He’s tough and he’s fun to watch but that’s an impossible sell in our building because of the size. I think he makes the league, though.” says Vaughn can "bend and cut at crisp angles" and is explosive.

Darren Sproles, a feisty 5-foot-6 Eagles and Saints running back, is being likened to him. 

Vaughn had 1,558 running yards and nine touchdowns for the Wildcats last season.

April's All-American's pro debut was special. Dallas Cowboys associate director of college scouting Chris Vaughn called his son with the life-changing news after the Cowboys selected him.


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