Christen Press Is 'Taking Everything One Step at a Time' After ACL Injury: 'Looking Forward to the Future'

Despite suffering an ACL tear in 2022, Christen Press is looking forward to the future, especially now that the 2023 World Cup is drawing to a close.

There was a lot of pressure to watch the World Cup this year, but it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that few people get to experience.

However, the chance to compete in the World Cup is a golden opportunity to show off one's athletic prowess for one's country. 

Thank goodness I have avoided injury for so long; it has given me hope for the future of my profession. 

 When asked about her involvement with Degree's Change the Field campaign,

which seeks to create safe and inclusive environments for girls of color on and off the field, the 34-year-old tells OK! exclusively, 

"I am taking everything one step at a time but look forward to the future and getting back with my team, Angels FC."

The sportswoman has made it her mission to improve the sport for other people, having known from a young age that she wanted to play soccer.

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