Beyoncé's world tour has been chastised for charging £122 for tickets with no view of the stage.


Beyoncé concert organisers have come under fire for charging £122 for seats with no view of her spectacular stage spectacle.

The legendary R&B singer is presently on her 56-date Renaissance world tour in support of her seventh studio album. Fans, on the other hand, are dissatisfied with

the excessive cost of seats positioned behind the stage, where visitors are only provided with a 'listening-only experience' and are unable to have a proper view of the show.

Individuals who are blind or visually disabled typically receive a discount on limited view tickets. 

However, the overwhelming demand for tickets to see Beyoncé live has forced prices up to £122.

"The whole point of going to the concert is seeing her in person and watching the spectacle of the production," one disgruntled fan told The Sun.

It's hilarious. I'd stand outside in the parking lot if I only wanted to hear the concert."

Beyoncé is currently on tour in the United States, and there are concerns that she will skip the Western Australian city of Perth, following in the footsteps of Taylor Swift and Sir Paul McCartney, 

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