Bengals RB Joe Mixon Takes $3.4 Million Pay Cut to Avoid Release.

Joe Mixon, the Cincinnati Bengals' standout running back, took a big salary cut to return.

According to ProFootballTalk, Mixon reworked his contract to reduce his base salary to little under $6 million from $9.4 million with a $12 million cap hit.

PFT noted that Mixon's new deal could net him $8 million in incentives.

Mixon, who turns 27 this month, must decide whether to take a pay cut in his sixth season in the league.

The Bengals' salary cap issues were alleviated by Mixon's contract modification.

The team's reorganization was inevitable without a backfield backup. Cincinnati may now use Mixon's contract reduction and cap hit to improve other aspects of their team.

Joe Mixon, drafted in the second round by the Bengals in 2017, soon became a major offensive player. He is a dual-threat running back who can run and catch passes.

Mixon ran for 5,378 yards and 40 touchdowns and caught 231 passes for 1,763 yards and 10 touchdowns.


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