Baker Mayfield on his competition with Kyle Trask for the Buccaneers' starting quarterback position - "Nothing new to me"


Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterbacks Kyle Trask and Baker Mayfield are competing. No one will excite fans like Tom Brady did for three years.

After signing with Tampa Bay in free agency, Mayfield was expected to win the job, but training camp is proving otherwise.

 Both quarterbacks are splitting first-team reps, and the coaches haven't decided who'll start Week 1.

Baker Mayfield's 2023 Buccaneers salary? The Buccaneers will pay the 2018 No. 1 pick $8.5 million for his one-year contract.

His path to the franchise was difficult. Mayfield was inconsistent as a Browns quarterback, but he showed moments of brilliance. His 2020 playoff triumph over Pittsburgh Steelers was remarkable.

After Mayfield's disappointing 2022 season, Cleveland signed Deshaun Watson despite his multiple sexual harassment allegations. Thus, Mayfield was traded to the Carolina Panthers.

After losing starting quarterback Matthew Stafford, he joined Sean McVay with the Los Angeles Rams and finished the season.

He joined the Buccaneers after his strong play raised his NFL stock.

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