Astrologer-recommended flower for your zodiac sign

Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, begins with spring and is ruled by Mars. Thistle, a tenacious, prickly flowering plant, symbolizes Aries' battle-ready, armor-on, action-oriented, bloom-from-blood mode. 


Eve, of the leaf bikini, rib meat, and untamed appetites, was a Taurus. This flower is reported to have grown from her tears after being expelled from Eden, a bull speciality.


Geminis have trouble making decisions and committing. Geminis vibrate with the daisy because they are dualism incarnate. 


July's flower, larkspur, represents Cancer. Cancer symbolizes the sacred feminine, healing, and control. Thus, larkspur has been utilized as medicine and poison for both mundane and magical purposes.


These tall flowers adore the sun, which rules Leo. The Incas and Aztecs used the flower in temple rites to represent the sun. Leos are natural party starters and can cheer up a stranger.


Chinese chrysanthemums, known as the Four Gentlemen or Four Noble Ones, blossom in fall and represent virtues. Chrysanthemums, like Virgos, are resilient and courageous in the face of hardship.


Libras like order, classic lines, and facial symmetry. The Greek kosmos, or concept that the earth and universe were in perfect harmony, inspired the name of the cosmo flower. Think big.


Pluto rules Scorpio, the eighth house of sex, death, and metamorphosis. In Ovid's epic "Metamorphoses," the poet weaves sex and death to tell the narrative of how the anemone was created by Adonis and Aphrodite's fatal love.



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