According to reports, the Raiders made an annual offer of $12 million to RB Joshua Jacobs

According to NFL Media's Mike Garafolo, the Las Vegas Raiders offered their franchise tagged running back, Josh Jacobs, a 12-year, $12-million contract.

"My understanding is that Josh Jacobs got an offer from the Raiders around $12 million per year," Garafolo said during an appearance on the Rich Eisen Show.

Comparisons were made to New York Giants running back Saquon Barkley, with Garafolo adding that if offered the same $12 million deal before the deadline, Barkley would have accepted.

However, Garafolo noted, "the Giants just wouldn't go there." with Barkley and wanted to pay him less than $12 million per year.

The situation with Jacobs has become more convoluted as he continues to be a holdout, refusing to take the Raiders' $12 million offer.

Jacobs, who was franchise tagged by the organization during the offseason, has yet to sign the deal, keeping him out of potential fines for non-participation in the ongoing Training Camp.

According to reports, Jacobs flew out of Las Vegas and has no imminent plans to join the team for the camp. The impasse in contract negotiations might lead to a prolonged confrontation between the player and the team.

Running backs around the league have began contact between themselves, creating a text chain and even hosting a Zoom meeting to discuss their common situation of diminishing market value.


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