Aaron Rodgers' Pay Cut Allows $82 Million Jets Trade


Aaron Rodgers accepting a hefty pay cut for the New York Jets could result in immediate financial benefits for the team.

Joe Caporoso of "Badlands" visited me on my Syracuse radio show on Friday, July 28th. 

"The Manchild Show with Boy Green" and provided an intriguing trade proposition that Gang Green may explore. The show's host was Boy Green.

"Could you see a guy like Mike Evans if the [Tampa Bay Buccaneers] tank in the first half of the season?"

" He inquired. I contacted Caporoso on Twitter to enquire about the possibilities of a trade involving the Buccaneers and the Jets, and he provided some insight.

"There is always a chance to be innovative. In the middle rounds, you can hoard picks. 

During the middle rounds of the game, you have the ability to accumulate picks. Utilize a player of your choice and engage in a trade into the 2025 season. 

They have a window of opportunity of two years in which they can be as aggressive as they see fit.

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