A 7-year-old multiracial girl won a Michigan school's haircut.

 Jurnee Hoffmeyer, a biracial 7-year-old, had her hair cut at her elementary school in March 2021.

Jurnee felt different and uncomfortable after the incident, questioning why it was happening.

The haircut was a result of another incident where a classmate cut Jurnee's hair on the bus. 

 Jurnee's father complained to the principal and took her to a salon for an asymmetrical cut.

Two days later, Jurnee returned home with both sides of her hair cut again. 

Jurnee's father filed a $1 million federal lawsuit against the school and named two defendants: librarian Kelly Mogg and teaching assistant Kristen Jacobs. 

The lawsuit claimed that Ms. Mogg, Jurnee's library teacher, cut off her remaining hair with the assistance or agreement of Ms. Jacobs. 

As a result, Jurnee's father decided to remove her from the school.


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