Diablo 4 Players Unhappy with the Lack of Battle Pass Premium Currency


– Diablo 4 players frustrated by low Platinum currency in Season 1 battle pass, unable to purchase from store.

– Bittersweet week as Blizzard releases first season with Season of the Malignant update receiving criticism.

– Players appreciate new seasonal story and content, but patch changes spark discontent.

– Popular streamers like Asmongold share thoughts and disappointments with update.

Blizzard reverses controversial character level change but faces backlash over battle pass. 

– Reddit user Caddy-Whompus reveals Season 1 battle pass lacks enough Platinum for store purchases.

Players receive 666 Platinum, insufficient to buy lowest-priced item worth 800 in-game coins. 

Community surprised at Blizzard's lack of microtransaction incentives compared to Overwatch 2. 

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