6 Zodiacs Who Struggle to Open Part 3


6 Zodiacs Struggle to Open UaYou don't mind sharing parts of yourself, but you want to be your best.

1. Virgo

You're uncomfortable with honesty, even if you know it's best. You've experienced many emotions and are known for being honest. You've always been skeptical of others.

2. Scorpio

You don't fear being honest since you don't see the value. You have a cosmic perspective and are continually thinking about current events and theoretical frameworks. 

3. Aquarius

You appear stern and have frigid interactions. Trusting someone might help you show your sensitive side.

4. Capricorn

You are a solid, compassionate sign, so being vulnerable is OK, but on your terms. You seek proof even if you can tell someone is trustworthy.

5. Taurus

Extroverted people may assume they can trust you. Be careful what you talk about—ideas, passions, individuals, etc.

6. Gemini

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