"$304M Supermax: Jaylen Brown's $36.3M Loss" 

Boston Celtics forward Jaylen Brown signed a supermax agreement for $304 million over five years on Tuesday, July 25.

A player option for the final season is not included in Jaylen Brown's supermax contract, which is unusual.

With his selection to the 2023 All-NBA Second Team, Jaylen Brown is eligible for his massive paycheck and 

currently has the highest deal in NBA history (though that is expected to change soon).

Unfortunately for Brown, it appears that he will be shelling out a sizeable chunk of his windfall on administrative costs and basketball-related expenditures.

Only $24.5 million of Brown's $60 million salary will actually get to him, according to Andrew Petcash.

For five years and $304 million, Jaylen Brown has the largest contract in NBA history.Taking into account federal taxes,

state taxes, and other expenses associated to basketball, Petcash estimates that Jaylen Brown will lose $36.3 million. 


Herbert's record-breaking $262.5 million contract represents an NFL record.