Tom Brady's $11.5 million luxury 'Eco-Mansion' in Miami is now under construction.


– Tom Brady, a highly successful American athlete, recently retired to focus on family and other ventures after an illustrious career.

–  – Alongside his athletic achievements, Brady boasts an impressive real estate portfolio, including a $17 million Miami property bought in 2020.

–  – The 5,772 sq. ft. home on the Miami property will be replaced with an eco-mansion worth $11.5 million, delighting his fans.

–  – Construction is progressing rapidly, featuring a grand swimming pool that will undergo a stunning transformation.

–  – The eco-friendly theme extends to the interiors, with meticulous designs and sustainable fixtures and furniture.

–  – Solar panels will equip the mansion for energy conservation, aligning with Brady's commitment to sustainability.

–  – The mansion's lush garden and planned produce cultivation showcase Brady's eco-conscious lifestyle.

–  – Fans are already captivated by the upcoming bachelor pad and its ethereal appeal.

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