$160,000,000 Contract Sparks Le'Veon Bell's Outburst Against 'Bottom-Tier' Daniel Jones Amid Saquon Barkley Disrespect


Fans and fellow running backs express frustration over Saquon Barkley's treatment in the New York Giants. 

Le'Veon Bell, with eight NFL seasons under his belt, empathizes with the physical toll of being a running back. 

Bell voices his views on Barkley and teammate Daniel Jones during the 'AP Pro Football Podcast.' 

According to Bell, Jones is in the "bottom tier" of NFL quarterbacks, not mediocre but below average. 

Bell questions the stark contrast between Barkley's $11 million deal and Jones' $40 million contract. 

Barkley, a top-tier running back, signed a one-year, $11 million deal with the Giants after a contract dispute. 

The Giants awarded Jones a four-year, $160 million extension, making him the second-highest paid QB in 2023. 

Barkley's $11 million salary ties him with Alvin Kamara as the third-highest among running backs for the year. 

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